How to download files by using Internet Download Manager

In case you’re wondering if it’s actually possible to download files from using an Internet download manager, the answer is yes. However, we do suggest that you get a premium account first in order to enjoy a hassle-free download.

Here’s how to use an Internet download manager with

1. Before anything else, it’s very important that you install the latest version of the Internet manager you’re going to use. Usually, there are bugs in the older versions, and it may not work with

2. If you have a premium account, kindly do the following:
Don’t forget to pay attention: It’s very important that you first log in to your account as a premium user. Simply go to the Login page to do this. After which, type in your username and password. In case you have forgotten, you can always retrieve your password by clicking on “Remember me.” Also, when you close your browser, we highly advise that you don’t log out or the cookies change.

After that, close and restart your browser, and if this doesn’t work out, then there’s a possibility that your browser don’t even save cookies. There are a number of solutions to solve that, which you can find on their FAQs page. To check if the cookies are set correctly, simply open in your browser, and once logged in, see if the cookies are properly set.

3. If this was your first time logging in with an Internet download manager, you’ll be asked if you want your password to be remembered and simply choose yes. Go to “My account,” and choose your profile in the drop down menu.

Once your download has started, make sure that your account hasn’t expired. If this happens, you’ll notice a traffic limit on your account. Subsequently, you can also try downloading through the use of a browser.

4. In case you’re using a free account, you won’t be allowed to resume broken downloads. That means if you accidentally lost your Internet, you have to start all over again.

Important Reminders

For those who are using proxies, you might encounter some issues. That’s why we highly suggest that you refrain from using these if possible. On the other hand, in case you really have to, then just use the same proxy in your browser and IDM. Otherwise, the site will detect some discrepancy, and you wouldn’t be able to download your files.

Similarly, for those who are using Firefox, there might also be some issues if you also use extensions coming from third party companies to transfer files. This can be fixed by switching back to chrome. There are download managers that could accurately detect downloads, but if you want to ensure optimum download, better look for a highly reliable Internet download manager.

Fortunately, there are a lot of download managers for you to choose from and most of which works great with All you have to do is get a premium account, and make sure that the IDM you are going to get is really safe for use and will offer you the optimum download speed you’re looking for.

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