Filehosts vs Torrents

Filehosts or torrents? Which one is better? Most would say that both of these sound great, but it’s also worth noting that one may be better than the other, and that’s what we’re about to discuss.

For starters, traditional file hosts are not capable of handling large files because they take a lot of bandwidth, especially if there are a lot of streamers. Aside from that, a lot of file hosts have gone offline, or have considered the use of a pairing process in order to keep up with the ad-revenue’s growing demand. On the other hand, torrents can easily be uncompressed, high quality, multi-channel, and best of all, perfect quality. There are seeders all over the world storing these files, and because of that, we can ensure a smooth and hassle-free process when accessing these files.

Other Advantages

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, torrent files don’t have the same issues that file hosts provider experience. What does this imply? Torrents offer better quality as there’s no need to compress the files anymore. Also, unlike ordinary torrent processes where you’ll have to share your connection with other users as you download or seed the file, rest assured that your connection will be secured as you access the cached torrents.

Instant Streaming

For those who are not aware, if you’ll try to stream a torrent file, you’ll have to wait until you have downloaded the file before you can start viewing it. You don’t have to worry about this with a file hosting provider, such as You’ll be able to view the file right there and then.

Adding Your Own Media

In case you’re thinking of adding something, there’s a possibility that you won’t be able to stream it right away with a traditional file host, however, with Takefile, this is actually possible. Another way would be the use of torrent downloaders that would allow you to seed, then stream the file.

Picking the Best Torrent Service

If you have finally decided to use torrent services instead of file hosting providers, then it’s very important to pay attention to what it can offer. For example, check the features, as well as the security it provides to its users. A lot of reputable torrent services are known for their secure and lighting fast applications. Basically, if you have selected a torrent that has been downloaded by another user, it would be available for streaming right there. Also, another wonderful thing about torrents is that it could be accessed through your mobile device. That’s why a lot of users are opting for this.

Similarly, with file hosting providers, you can also enjoy a number of benefits. Although they use in-house servers for storing a growing collection of files, a lot of business owners are making a switch to online data storage services because for them, it’s more cost effective than using in-house servers.

Also, what’s good with file hosting providers is that you wouldn’t have to worry about data getting lost. Rest assured that they’ll be kept properly in the servers at all times.


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